The Simple Truth From My Point Of View

2011-07-09 14-38-21.812   In January 1982 I lost my brother Roy to bone cancer.  From what I understood back then about this kind of cancer was that it mostly attacked children!  Roy had claimed his healing and was doing fine for a while from what I understand when they took his leg off just above the knee, that was in 1981.  Everyone had been praying for his healing and I’m sure many rejoiced when he claimed his healing.  I can remember the day when I got in from work at the Ada Iron and Metal Welding Shop where I was working in ‘81 and Grandma told me that Roy had been asking for me.  when I asked her why? That is when she told me he was dying of cancer.  You see, my marriage was a wreck, Brenda had left me the day after her twenty-first birthday and I didn’t really care because I was a drunk and didn’t give a flip about any one or anything except me or my next buzz!  Brenda had left while I was at work in August 1980 and took our son Ben with her.  The night she left I crawled into the bottom of a whiskey bottle and stayed there most of the time.  So when Roy passed away just two days before his twenty-seventh birthday.  I was so mad at God for not healing my brother I just kind of gave up on life myself.  I was mad at God for months not caring if I lived or died I just didn’t care.

Mom and Dad sold off all the stucco equipment except for the old mixer later in 1982 and moved back here to Oklahoma and me being the drunk I was decided to just catch a ride with them.  There just wasn’t anything left for me in California.  I was drunk so I knew I couldn’t go back to work at Ada Iron and Metal Welding Shop so I went to work for my cousin Dean and Aunt Chris on the ranch.  I remember the first time my Aunt Chris wrote up a to do list.  I thought that it was for one day but come to find out the list was for all week!  Then I began to breath again and I thought Aunt Chris was going to fall out of the chair laughing.  Dean had me stretching fence, feeding cattle and taking a head count every other day and with all the chores on the lists to do I stayed busy.  Didn’t make a lot of money but I had a roof over my head and if I was hungry there was always food to eat.  When I wanted a bottle all I had to do was ask Dean to pick it up for me when he went to town.  I had it made, no worries, I didn’t have to get sober to go after my booze!  The life of an alcoholic I was such a jerk until about the first week of April 1983. I was tired of not having money in my back pocket so I decided I would sober up and go to town to see Floyd Pierce, he was the shop foreman at Ada Iron and Metal Welding Shop where I had worked off and on since 1979.  I was wanting to see if I could get my welding job back at least I was a trained and certified AWS (American Welding Society) welder thanks to the corrupt cops and District Attorney’s office in Ada Oklahoma.  In October 1978 they railroaded Randy Holland and myself into prison for two years over a busted window at the Social Service Center in Ada.  According to Mr. Jacobs of the vocational and technical education of the State of Oklahoma I was a trained Special Metals Welder even though my training certificate AWS certification certificate didn’t say so.  There is nothing I can not weld as long as I have the right welding process available to me.  Enough! Back to April 9, 1983

   100_0246 (1) This truck did not look this way when I first saw it in the middle bay of the three bay garage on the back side of the Shangri-La building on my cousin’s ranch. On the morning of April 9 1983 it was painted a black cherry maroon colored cab, the bed was flat black as it is here in this photo. In 1983 it had some very nice polished rims with black oxide tear shaped cutouts it was a real sharp looking truck. I have written about this in some of my earlier post so I am not going through all of this again, what I am going to do is let you know what I have learned as Fact since 2006 when my wife Brenda first showed me the pictures of Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot being lead to the courthouse in Ada for trial.  The pictures are in the book “The Innocent Man” by John Grisham.  But here is the true story!  The “Patty” that Bob Hightower and Bobby Allen drowned in the pond on my cousin’s place was not Patricia Hamilton from Seminole Oklahoma.  Come to find out over the last couple of years 2012-2013 that Patty Hamilton had been called in to work the shift for another young lady who had been fired because she had a drug problem of some kind and her first name was Patricia and she also went by “Patty” it is this Patty that these fellows drowned in the pond!  This is why Gary Pinkerson of the OSBI and Adam Whitney of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation could not find my witness credible because they did not know that there was two “Patty’s” and neither did I until I talked to Patty Hamilton’s brother on July 26th 2013.

   the Liars club 001 (2) Now everyone in Ada from Judge Landrith down to the Chief of Police and the private investigators know that I said Gary Rodgers came into the Ada Iron and Metal Welding Shop asking for Douglas Bailes two days after I had called in my sighting of the Girl that everyone in Ada was looking for to the county jail!  Well it was not Gary Rodgers at all it was the man on the left!  Yes that is right, it was Detective Captain Dennis Smith himself!!  Dennis Smith was a liar in 1978 and was still a liar in 1984 and he is still a liar today because Bill Peterson and Chris Ross have been promoting his lies for the past thirty years by keeping Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot lockup for a crime they never had anything to do with “The abduction and murder of Donna Denice Haraway” Now Bill Peterson and Chris Ross do you two want to prove me wrong? 

From what I have seen and been through since 2006 about this Bill Peterson and Chris Ross have done their very best to protect the reputation of liar not realizing that it will destroy their own unless they are willing to make things right.  So now I have just one more question for the OSBI and Chris Ross. WHAT ARE YOU WAITNG ON?

Because of Dennis Smith’s lies the murders of three young women have gotten away with it. As far as I know Bob Hightower and Bobby Allen have never been arrested for anything. I would never falsely accuse anyone of anything because I have already been there myself.

My prayer is that Thomas J. Ward and Karl A. Fontenot are out of prison very soon. Love and Prayers to all.

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The Almost Complete Truth And Apologies

I would like to apologize to Denice Haraway’s sister for putting an “S” on the end of Lyon when I was relating the way the Lord had made me to understand that when my Aunt had requested prayer for the young people that had been staying out at the ranch for the last couple of weeks and “Little Debbie Lyons looked so lost when she walked into my living room last night.”  That took place at the Church of God of Prophecy at a few minutes before 11:00 am May 13th 1984.  The name Debbie Lyons was stuck in my head for decades.  I did not know until 2006 that Debra Denice Lyon and Denice Haraway were one and the same!

At about 12:40 pm May 13th 1984 I dropped my Grandmother off at her house in Galey, Oklahoma.  I was on my way to Asher to fill up with gas for the week seeing as that was the first weekend that I had that car.  As I pulled on to the highway I noticed a red Chevy pickup setting on the dirt road at the intersection. The young man with dark hair had small semi-automatic pistol pointed out the door window with the slide pulled back as if he was checking to see if it was loaded.  The young lady in the middle of the cab was just getting down on her knees and the curly blonde headed young man that was driving was smiling about something.  He said something and the young man with the gun put it down so I could no longer see it.  As I drove by them at the intersection I waved to them and the driver waved back.  I thought at that time they were just some young people driving around on the back roads taking pot shots at the cottontails along the dirt roads.  When I went inside to pay for my gas about 10 or 15 minutes later at O’Dell’s in Asher, there set a newspaper with a picture of the girl I had just seen a few minutes earlier with the word “MISSING” out beside it.  As I gave the lady behind the counter a twenty dollar bill to pay for my gas I pointed at the picture and said, “I have just seen that girl back up the road a ways.”  She asked if I had called the police and I told her I would as soon as I got to the house.  Now I knew the young lady was in trouble but I didn’t know her name.  I headed back to Galey praying all the way and asking the Lord how I was going to be able to tell the police which way they were going in the red 1950’s Chevy pickup that was lowered with American mag rims all around.  Just about a mile from my Grandmothers house I noticed a trail of dust coming towards the highway, at the front of that dust trail was the same red pickup so I slowed the car down to about twenty miles an hour.  The pickup didn’t come to a complete stop at the stop sign as it turned towards me going back towards Asher.  This time the curly blonde headed man was on the passenger side of the cab and the young dark headed man was driving.  The young lady that was on her knees in the middle was the same girl who’s picture was on the front page of the newspaper, her hair was a little different in the photo in the paper but it was the same young lady.

I called this sighting into the Pontotoc County Jail that Sunday afternoon at about 1:05 pm and the lady that answered the phone that day at the jail wrote everything down.  I know she did because on Tuesday afternoon a investigator came into the Ada Iron and Metal Welding Shop were I was working at that time as a welder, he said, “I’m Gary Rodgers and I’m looking for Douglas Bailes.” The officer asked me if I would do them a favor that coming Friday when I came to the county jail to pay on my fines, to ask to talk to Dennis Smith.  I told them that I would.  In January 2013 my wife and I went to the Ada library to see if we could find a copy of the original copy of the 1978 release of “The Dreams of Ada” that is when I found out that the investigator was not Gary Rodgers but Dennis Smith himself!

I hope everyone that reads this post really gets a big bite on reality because it is all true.  Now I would like to apologize to Patty Hamilton’s brothers for assuming that it was Patty Hamilton that Bob Hightower and Bobby Allen drowned in the pond on my cousin’s ranch.  No one is interested in helping to find out her last name.  It is because I am not a cop.  The Seminole County Sheriff told me that he knows who killed Patty Hamilton but he can’t prove it.  Well I know who the two are that killed a young lady named Patty in my cousin Dean’s pond.  It was the same young lady that Jeff Miller claimed as his girlfriend when I opened his back door for him in the early morning hours of April 10 1983.  He told me that he had to get rid of his girlfriend because she knew to much!  I guess every one at my cousin’s little get together that night thought that I was some kind of outlaw.  The God of Heaven made me a witness to all of this stuff and no one can lie to me about this because I know just how Dennis Smith worked.  He was not a trust worthy cop.  He had real bad habit of lying to people, if he would lie to me then he would lie to anyone including the District Attorney Bill Peterson and Chris Ross.  Including the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation who actually helped fabricate all the evidence to put FOUR INNOCENT MEN in prison for crimes that they never committed!   As long as God’s Holy Spirit keeps showing me all the false witnesses I will expose every last one of them.  Because the God for Heaven is on my side!

2011-07-09 14-38-21.812  Love and Prayers to all.

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No Understanding!

There are people in this world who think that they can get away with murder.  But what they don’t understand is that God always has a witness or two with a higher moral standard and enough Spiritual backbone to say, “Hey, I remember those two with that young lady.”  But what ever happened to that young lady?  Those witnesses will have to say they never saw that young lady that called herself “Patty” after the evening of April 9th 1983.  You see I am not talking about myself, but every other person that was at my cousin Dean Gillum’s place that night.

The Girl was not Patty Hamilton as I had first assumed!  According to Patty Hamilton’s brother, there was another girl named “Patty” that also worked at the same U-TOTUM that Patty Hamilton worked at in Seminole Oklahoma in 1983 who had gotten herself fired because she had some kind of drug problem.  That is the reason why Patty Hamilton had been called in to work in her place that night.  Now the God of Heaven knows all about this and so do I.  I have posted on this web page that the girl that Bob Hightower and Bobby Allen had drowned in the pond behind my cousin’s place was Patty Hamilton but I was WRONG!  It was the other Patty that worked at the same U-TOTUM.

I have tried to find out what the other Patty’s last name was, but because I am not in law enforcement no one will give me the time of day.  The OSBI have messed everything up so badly in their investigation of the Denice Haraway case that no one even connected the two cases together.  But the murder of the other Patty at my cousin’s place just confirms to me that Bob Hightower and Bobby Allen killed three young women and think they got away with it.  Well they did until I started looking for the truck I saw them in on the second Sunday of May 1984 when I called in the sighting to the Pontotoc County Jail at about 1:05 PM May 13th 1984.  I did not know the girls name at that time so I told the lady I talked to at the jail, “The girl that everyone in Ada is looking for is out here in Galey,”

On May 15th 1984 a man came into the Ada Iron and Metal Welding Shop on seventh in Ada where I was working and said, “I am Gary Rodgers and I’m looking for Douglas Bailes.”  I found out this last January 2013 that it was not Gary Rodgers, but Dennis Smith himself the lead investigator!  This is how I know he lied to me and Bill Peterson, Chris Ross, Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot, Gary Rodgers, the news paper and every one else involved in this.  God did make me a witness to these two crimes so that the truth would come out about the real killers of these three young ladies and that Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot had nothing to do with it at all

Now everyone that reads this will understand why I do not trust anyone in Ada with the truth.  Chris Ross and John Christian have ignored me for the last seven years the OSBI have done everything they could to destroy my credibility.  My aunt and uncle and cousin’s as well as some of my own family members members think I need help.  But what else can you expect from none believers.  God has been in control of all of this all the time and I can not explain why God has done this the way He has, and I am not about to try.

Love and Prayers to all.

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The Scriptures, Truth, Life and Reality Part two

Moses told the Reubenites and Gadites in the book of Numbers 32: 23 that if they didn’t do what they had promised, which was to go over Jordan and fight with the other tribes of Israel until they had over come all the enemies of the Lord on the other side of Jordan, then they would be sinning against the Lord.  Moses said, “But if ye will not do so, behold ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out.”

We blood bought, Born Again Christian’s, before we were truly born again by the Spirit of God played games with God!  We tried to make deals with God, such as, “Lord I will serve you if you will bring my family back together.”  What is wrong with this?  We are still wanting to be in control of what we do for God!  You see folks, I can talk this way because that is what I tried to do back in March 1984 just about a month before Denice Haraway was taken from her job at McAnally’s in Ada Oklahoma.  From the evening of April 10th 1983 until I got sober in the county jail in Ada, I don’t remember to much because I witnessed the drowning death of a young lady who had told me her name was “Patty” on the evening of April 9 1983 at a little get together my cousin Dean Gillum was having at his place that evening.  That was the first and only time Dean had ever invited me to meet his friends.  To this day, I do not believe that Dean knew that night what his friend, Bob Hightower and Bobby Allen was up to that night.  I believe that this pretty young blonde headed lady actually trusted these young men until she realized that they were going to kill her.

When Bob Hightower came up out of the den at about 1:00 AM on April 10 1983 he said, “Come on let’s get this over with.”
Patty said, “But why?” She was just a few steps behind Bob Hightower.
Bobby Allen said, “Because we have too.” He was just a step or two behind Patty.
They stopped at the back door of Dean’s house for a few seconds and I said, “You guy’s be good now.”
To which Bob Hightower said, “Oh we will.” As he opened the back door for Patty.
I didn’t know what they were up to my self for a little bit.  Because I had been setting at the counter in the kitchen all evening.  As far as I know I was the oldest one there that night.

Dean came up out of the den about three or four minutes after Bob, Bobby and Patty walked out the back door.  He told me that Jeff was ready to go.  Jeff was the young man who arrived at the party last.  He had locked his house up then realized he had left his keys on the coffee table.  Dean kind of volunteered me to get him back into his house earlier that evening.  So Jeff and I went out the front door about five to ten minutes after the three others had gone out the back door.  Jeff asked me to get in and he would give me a ride up the hill to the one ton (the farm truck at that time).  I asked if I could just ride on the front fender of his car so I would get some air and he told me that I could. He stopped his car just past the end of the fence and I walked up the hill to where the truck was parked.  Just as I opened the drivers door I heard Bob Hightower say, “It will be over a lot quicker for you if you don’t hold your breath.” Then I heard Patty yell out, “No!” and I heard a splash.  Just then Jeff called out for me to hurry up. So I got into the truck, fired it up and followed him to his place it was just over the hill from Wayne’s place back then.  Wayne is Dean’s younger bother.  I was there at Jeff’s place that morning before putting out alfalfa and calling up the cows so I could get a head count that was the morning of the 9th.  Jeff parked his car in the front under the tree and parked the truck with the headlights on the back door.  I opened the back door just as Jeff came around the corner of the house.  I told him how I had done it and I also told him how to prevent it from being done again as he stepped through the door and turned on the lights in the kitchen.  I tapped the door trim back into place with the screw driver handle that I used to open the door.  Jeff asked, “Do you want a beer Doug?
”Sure enough.” I said as I closed the door.  He was in the living room holding up his keys saying, “See here they are. Right where I left them.”  He put them back on the coffee table and came over my way to the frig and opened the door.  He said, “Sorry Doug but I’m all out of beer.  But there is a wine cooler here if you want it.  My girl friend liked them.  But I had to get rid of her because she knew to much.”
It never really dawned on me what he had said until later.  But I told him that everyone deserved a second chance after all God had given me a second chance years earlier and I knew it.

Later that morning I woke up about sun up and walked down to the pond for my morning smoke.  I didn’t do this every morning but I had to check out what I had heard much earlier that morning on my way to Jeff’s place.  The two thirty pound blocks that I used to set on were gone.  I walked out to the end of the fishing dock, not really wanting to, but I had to see if what I had heard earlier was for real.  It was just about six or eight inches below the service of the water was the long blonde hair of the girl Patty from the night before.  The mud from the bottom had been stirred up and hadn’t settled completely I could still see about two feet deep.  But I couldn’t see anything but her hair.  That scared me so bad that when I saw Dean later that morning I asked him to get a couple of bottles when he went to town that day.  He got me two bottles a fifth of 101 Southern Comfort and a fifth of Ezra Brooks I kept the Ezra Brooks in the truck behind the seat and I kept the Comfort way back under the counter in the kitchen area of the Shangri-La where I would fix my coffee every morning.

In 2006 when the book “The Innocent Man” by John Grisham was released my wife showed me the pictures of Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot being lead to the court room for trial.  Then she turned one page back and showed me the picture of Denice Haraway I knew then that Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot were not the two fellows that I saw her with on the afternoon of May 13 1984 (Mothers Day).  I saw Denice Haraway three times in less than thirty minutes.  Once in the flesh and alive on my way to Asher to get my gas and once on the front page of the newspaper that was laying on the counter at O’Dell’s when I went in to pay for my gas. Her hair was a little different than in the picture in the paper but it was the same young lady.  The third time was on my way back to the house to call in my sighting of the young lady and she was still alive.

In 2007 I started reading “The Dreams of Ada” by Robert Mayer.  I assumed that the Patty in the book Patty Hamilton was the young lady in the pond at my cousin’s old place. No one had told me that Patty Hamilton’s remains had been found in 1991.  Until I had an interview with OSBI agent Adam Whitney in Ada Oklahoma.  He didn’t tell me until after I had told him my complete story and showed him the picture of the truck they had parked in the garage the 9th of April 1983. 

Now here is something that I didn’t learn until July 26 2013!!   Patty Hamilton’s brother called me on the phone and we got to talk for a little bit.  I am sure that the investigators back in 1983 never realized this.  Patty Hamilton was not even suppose to be working that night she went missing.  There was another Patty that was fired that night because of a drug problem.  She was never located back then after Patty Hamilton went missing, I don’t even know her last name yet!  If the Patty that is in the pond on my cousin Dean’s old place is this Patty that was fired, then Bob Hightower and Bobby Allen are the ones responsible for the deaths of all three women!

In St. John 14:26 Jesus said, “But the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” 

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The Scriptures, Truth, Life and Reality (Part One)

In 1983 I was working for my cousin Dean Gillum and my Aunt Christine as a ranch hand on the “Gillum 66” ranch Northwest of Ada Oklahoma.  I had been mad at God for over a year because He didn’t heal my brother Roy of his bone cancer.  Dean and Aunt Chris didn’t pay much because of the room and board they took out of my pay.  So I had decided to go back to the Ada Iron and Metal Welding Shop to see Floyd about getting my old job back as a welder.  Back in 1981 I had been the lead welder in the shop before I had found out that my brother had cancer and was dying from it.

On April 9 1983 in the early afternoon my cousin Dean came out to the bunk house where I spent most of my time when I wasn’t working. Dean invited me to a little get together he was having at his place that evening with some of his friends.  I asked him about the truck parked in the garage on the backside of the Shangri-La.  He said it belonged to a friend. That is all he said about the truck. I asked him about what time and he said, “About 7:30 or so.”

About 6:30 PM I carried some fresh clothes up to the main house, my Aunt and Uncles place to shower.  They were not at home, after I had showered shaved and taken my dirty clothes and towel to the laundry room I fixed a sandwich and headed back to the Shangri-la to reheat the coffee I had left over from that morning.

I arrived at Dean’s front door about 7:25 PM and knocked.  Dean let me in saying, “Come on in here Doug.” I closed the door behind me and stepped into the living room.  Dean was standing beside a slender dark headed young man.  There was a young lady setting beside him as I stepped forward, Dean said, “Bobby this my cousin Doug, (as I reached out to take his hand the young lady got up from beside him and stepped around behind me) Doug this is Bobby and Bob Hightower is around here somewhere.” As he looked around the room. I was shaking the young man’s hand when he turned back to me and pointed down at the young and said, “This one is Bobby! He’s from down around Denison way.”  I asked the young man how he was doing and he said that he was doing fine.

As I followed behind Dean towards the den Dean said that I could introduce myself to everyone else down in the den.  I knew Bull and his friend setting in the recliner and chair, they had been to the ranch several times with horses but the curly blonde headed fellow setting with his back against the wall to my left that was the first time that I had seen him.  I assumed he was Bob Hightower.  I said, “Hi you guy’s my name is Doug, but a lot of folks around here call me D.L.”  Bull was the only one that acknowledged me by saying, “Yoo! Doug.”  So I turned back into the living room and asked, “Bobby you want a beer?” That is when Butch said, “No beer for Bobby he is under age.”  That is when I realized that I was most likely the oldest one there.  Dean said, “No beer for Bobby ,but I’ll get you one.”  With that said he stepped towards the frig and pulled out about four bottled Bud’s, he gave me one there at the island in the kitchen and headed down in the den with the rest.  I asked Butch what she was doing, and she told me she was doing a little late spring cleaning.  About 8:00 PM Dean put his son Tagus to bed.  That boy was a mess back in those days, use to scare me half to death riding the pony Dean had bought for him.  That boy loved to make that pony buck!  Tagus would stay on him for a few minutes then go flying through the air for about ten feet and land flat on his back, jump right up and yell for me to catch him so he could ride him some more. 

Just a few minutes after Dean put his son to bed Dean come over to me and said, “Doug we have some go fast if you want to snort some?”  I said, “Cuz I don’t put anything up up my nose any more.  But if you have a clean needle bring it on.”  With that he just walked away. Bobby came up on my right side and he had a semi-automatic pistol in his hand and he asked me what I thought of it?  I asked him, “Who is your dad?” Butch said, “His fathers name is Gary Allen.” I told him “That’s a real nice cap pistol you have there, but you really should put it away because booze and guns don’t mix well together.”  Then he just walked down into the den.  I think he put the pistol in the back pocket of his jeans.  Just then I saw movement out the corner of my eye to the right of me and looked, it was the young lady that had been setting next to Bobby when I first got to Deans house.  She was bent over at the waist and as she straightened up she flipped her long blonde hair over her head and it fell straight down to the small of her back. As she walked towards me I said, “Hi there.” She walked right by without responding to me so I asked Butch, “Who is that?”  That is when the young lady said, “My name is Patty.” That is when I looked to my left where she was standing.  Butch said, “That is Patricia my future sister-in law.”  Patty let out a frustrated sigh and stomped off into the den.  Butch and I talked for a long time after that.

Patty was in her late teens with long blonde hair.
She was about 5 foot 2 inches to 5 foot 6 inches tall.
She was wearing a light green tee shirt tucked into her jeans, no belt
She was also wearing white laced tennis shoes, that I call deck shoes.
She weighed about 95-115 pounds.
I could not find a Patty or Patricia that went missing in Oklahoma in that time frame  except for Patty Hamilton and her remains were found in 1991.  As far as I know this young lady’s remains are still in the bottom of the pond on my cousins old ranch in Galey Oklahoma.  I have been unable to get any real help from the OSBI or the local sheriff on this matter because these are the same two young men that I would see with Denice Haraway in May 1984.

The next morning just after sunrise I saw this young lady floating just under the surface of the water in the pond.  They had used the 30 pound blocks that I use to set on in the mornings to weight her down with at about 1:15 AM the morning of April 10th 1983.    

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I Must Apologize to the OSBI

In all my former statements about my sighting of Denice Haraway with two men in a 1950’s Chevy pickup, on the second Sunday of May (Mothers Day) 1984.  I stated that OSBI agent Gary Rodgers came into the Ada Iron and Metal Welding shop where I was working at that time I was wrong.  It was Dennis Smith not Gary Rodgers.  He lied to me and Dave the shop welding lead man at that time when he said that he was Gary Rodgers. I just discovered this last week will I was on vacation from my job.  Dennis Smith was the one who came into the shop and asked me to, ask to talk to Dennis Smith when I went to the county jail to pay on my fines that coming Friday.  I did not discover this lie until I looked at the photos in the first release of “The Dreams of Ada” by Robert Mayer released in 1987.

I was studying to be a jail minister.  I had not yet been set forth as a lay minister in the Church of God of Prophecy.  I received my calling into the ministry while I was locked up in the county jail that took place in March 1984.  The Church of God of Prophecy on Orchard in Ada was having a revival.  Bishop Adolf Flimmer from Lodi, California was the evangelist.  He and my uncle Deb Gillum came into the county jail visit me.  I do not know the exact date but the Pontotoc County Jail will still have the record of that visit as will as the Ada News paper having a story about the revival.

By the time that Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot had been arrested for the Denice Haraway abduction and murder I was a Lay Minister in the Church of God of Prophecy out at the Worstell church.  My grandmother and I attended services there every Sunday after my release from the county jail.

I had just started back to work for Ada Iron and Metal Welding Shop about a week and a half before the Denice Haraway abduction.  I had just paid Dave the last one hundred dollar payment on the car a 1973 Chevy Caprice Custom the Friday before the sighing of Denice Haraway and two young men in a 1950’s Chevy pickup truck.

Dennis Smith had the record of my call into the county jail the Sunday that I called it in. I did not know the young lady by name when I called in my sighting so I told the female jailer that I talked to that day that “It was the young lady that everyone was looking for is out here in Galey.”   She was very much alive the first time I saw her that afternoon, then I saw her picture on the front page of the news paper on the counter when I went in to pay for my gas in Asher.  The last time I saw her was just about 3 or 4 minutes before I called in my sighting to the County Jail in Ada.  She was still in the middle of the cab of the truck on her knees only the passenger and driver had traded place.

I have never been able to read “The Dreams of Ada” all the way through because in 2006 when my wife Brenda showed me the picture of Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot and then showed me the picture of the young lady that they were suppose to have murdered in the book “The Innocent Man” by John Grisham, I knew they had the wrong guy’s in prison.

Fear will make you do stupid things.  One of the first men I witnessed to when I started my jail ministry was Tommy Ward.  I knew he was innocent back then, I told him to stick to the truth and everything would be alright.  I also understand why he made the statement he made trying to get his friend Karl released from jail.  I understand Tommy completely, he has had people lie about him and to him.  When there was no one to help because I had no idea that the enemy of his soul was out to destroy him.  But that enemy has failed because I will do what ever our God requires of me to do to see these two innocent men released from prison and the real killers of Patty Hamilton and Denice Haraway put in prison where they belong.

Love and Prayers Douglas L. Bailes

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Vacation Or Eye Opener!

For the past six years I have been trying to get Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot out of prison with no luck whatsoever. I have always said for the last six years that Gary Rodgers the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent on the Denice Haraway obduction and murder case came to the Ada Iron and Metal Welding shop where I was working at that time.
While I was on vacation from my job so I could devote time to getting Tom and Karl out of prison. I was able to get a copy of the first release “The Dreams of Ada” to read.
I had called in my sighting to the Pontotoc County Jail that Sunday afternoon. I asked to talk to a deputy but the lady that answered the phone said there was no deputy around at that time so I described the two young men that was with the girl that everyone was looking for and the pickup truck that they was in to her. She stopped me and had me to start over because I had started talkinf to fast for to get it all down.
Two days’ later an officer walked into the Ada Iron and Metal Welding Shop and asked for me. Only it wasn’t Gary Rodgers it was Dennis Smith him self. That is why the OSBI have been telling everyone that I am a flack and don’t know what I’m talking about. Dennis Smith passed himself off as a OSBI agent. Look at all the damage that has been done to so many lives by one lying detective who was out to make a name for himself. Thomas J. Ward and Karl A. Fontenot have spent almost 30 years of their lives in prison for something they had nothing to do with, because Dennis Smith the lead detective on the Haraway case held back the descriptions of the real killers which I had given to the lady at the county jail that afternoon so long ago.
God help me to do this right so Tommy and Karl will be released from prison and the real killers Bob and Bobby will be tried and convicted for the crimes they have done. Patty Hamilton and Denice Haraway are just two of their vivtims Lord and you know the rest. Please Lord bring them to justice now.

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